Bois de Cologne

Historical harps, recorders, serpent, portative, fiddle and violin, no all-star cast - and a very vital one. Old-time music is not mimicked here, but lived: atmosphere, density without bric-a-brac. At the center of the music itself: music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the early Baroque.

The joy of improvisation and the joy of experimenting characterize the music making of Bois de Cologne: many of the old melodies not only require a careful, source-critical treatment, but also an imaginative interpretation. To empathize with the music of bygone eras and to be inspired by it - these are important aspects of the common work of Bois de Cologne.

The instruments are superb replicas of historical models. The Harp plays, depending on, voice or continuo; the recorders, from the tiny sopranino to the (externally) angular female-high subbass, are air spirits, voices; Tongue art and breath. The fidel, bordun-colored, gently in viola position. Bois de cologne, a wood that bears special fruits.

The ensemble consists of a core that can expand depending on the project. From the duo recorder / harp to the quartet, different constellations are possible. The trio variant with gothic fiddle / violin is particularly specialized in the music of the Middle Ages, the trio with two recorders and harp plays programs from early to high baroque.


About tears, madness and humor

Instrumentation program

Meike Herzig, Recorder
Konstanze Jarczyk, Harp
Albrecht Maurer, Fidel


Heaven on Earth

Instrumentation program

Meike Herzig, Recorders
Cora Schmeiser, Soprano
Konstanze Jarczyk, Harp
Stefan Horz, Harpsichord


Douce Memoire (Ortiz)

Scarborough Fair

Se l'aura spira (Frescobaldi)

Time stands still (Dowland)

Stairway to Heaven

Zefiro torna (Monteverdi)