Il Lusorius

The group IL LUSORIUS was founded in the fall of 2014, inspired by the idea to use historical music boxes as a source for a new kind of musical journey.

People have been trying to record their favorite music for a long time to hear it again and again. It was around 1750, when the first sound recordings were made: musical instruments and music boxes. Despite the variety of reproduction possibilities available today, these still exist, perhaps as a nostalgic constant in the ever faster changing world. An acoustic home, memories of the music box falling asleep, familiar tunes, who can resist the temptation of cranking a small clock?

Which melodies deserve to be played again and again? Simple old songs, a few years old melody and some unknowns have made it into the concert program and can be heard live on stage, along with recorders, clarinets, violin, Fidel, Rebec and Serpent. The magic of the melodies carries the compositions, instruments merge with music boxes, carry them on, contrast them, caricature, accompany them, move into their own worlds.

In the concerts of IL LUSORIUS the intimate world of the music box connects with the big stage. Thus IL LUSORIUS works with video impressions and the live projection of the music boxes on a screen.


More information about Il Lusorius can be found on the website of the ensemble.