Oni Wytars

The ensemble exists since 1983, initially as an ensemble for medieval music. One focus has always been the exploration of the interrelationships and mutual influences of the art and popular music of the Mediterranean countries from the 13th to the 15th century.

The preoccupation with the sounds of the Italian Trecento, the pilgrims music from Catalan and Spanish manuscripts of the 13th and 14th centuries, the tunes of the troubadours and trouvères finally brought the musicians from Italy, Germany, Austria and Great Britain to join in the music of the Renaissance and early Baroque to interest. It was natural to study today's musical traditions from the Italian, French and Spanish Mediterranean, which undoubtedly have their roots in 15th and 16th century music. The result is a Mediterranean sound cosmos of rhythms, melodies and improvisations, from the songs of the Middle Ages to the early Baroque Villanella, played on instruments that have survived millennia.

The core of the ensemble are Marco Ambrosini, Katharina Dustmann, Peter Rabanser, Belinda Sykes, Michael Posch and Riccardo Delfino. Regular guests in the ensemble are also: Carlo Rizzo (Tamburello, Riqq, frame drums), Ian Harrison (zinc, bagpipes), Pascale Van Coppenolle (organ), Meike Herzig (recorders), Su Ehlers (soprano), Jule Bauer (vocals, Nyckelharpa ), Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma (Cretan Lyra, Tarhu), Luigi Lai (Launeddas), Jeremy Avis (vocals), Thomas Wimmer (Fidel, viola da gamba, Llaud), Gabriella Aiello (vocals), Giovanna Pessi (harp), Efrén López (oud, Citola), Michael Behringer (organ).


More information about Oni wytars can be found on the ensemble's website.