Ensemble sYn.de

Ensemble sYn.de

Trecento plus Orient times avant-garde

"The exotic is sometimes not only geographically distant, but also in time, and so the combination of old European and new non-European music suddenly seems quite natural. At least if it is performed by such an accurate and inspired ensemble as Syn.de."

With this award, the jury in Hessen raised the quartet to the finals of the federal competition »creole - global music from Germany« 2009 in Berlin.

Italian Trecento music with its density merges with the bewilderingly crooked metrics of a horo at sYn.de, meets imaginary Balkan melodies and Indian syllable language,, enriched with a pinch of playful Baroque ornaments, in between avant-garde stick beating. The fulminant mixture is rounded off by ancient Egyptian finger plays on Scandinavian strings for the south German square flute - sYnergetic sound conglomerate or a “syn”?


Meike Herzig: recorders, fujara, serpent
Katharina Dustmann: frame drum, riqq, zarb
Nils Tannert: marimba, thavil, djembe, caxixi
Marco Ambrosini: nyckelharpa, seljeflöjt





Video Copyright: ALEX Berlin | Ensemble sYn.de LIVE in BERLIN, Creole 2009
Musicians: Nils Tannert, Meike Herzig, Katharina Dustmann & Marco Ambrosini
Compositions: Albrecht Maurer, Nils Tannert, Meike Herzig, Katharina Dustmann & Marco Ambrosini


More information about sYn.de can be found on the ensemble's website.